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    Thursday, April 18  AT  8:00 PM

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    Saturday, April 20  AT  10:00 PM

About Us

At Whole World Improv Theatre, we dare to offer an experience that has the potential to change everything.

Whole World Improv Theatre profoundly impacts lives through the art of comedy.  Every year, thousands join us at our shows to connect through joy and laughter.  Folks of all ages and abilities immerse themselves in our workshops, classes, jams, and camps to develop confidence, trust, collaborative skills, and everlasting friendships. A charming, diverse company of rascals aspires to perform on our main stage playground. We are an artistic home where people are accepted, challenged, and transformed. 

Since 1994, Whole World Improv Theatre has been the flagship for Improv Comedy in Atlanta, GA. Our award-winning ensemble, together with our audiences, create a hilarious, theatrical adventure four shows a week, every week at our Midtown location. Whole World Alumni, Members & Students consists of acclaimed actors, voice over & musical artists, puppeteers, writers, directors, & producers for both TV & film. We are the artistic home for over 50 company members who serve as performers, crew members, & class instructors.

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Main Stage Performers

Dre Camacho

Erin Cheak

Erin Cheak is an Atlanta native that started taking classes at Whole World in 2013. She has been a main stage cast member since 2017 and has enjoyed teaching summer camp and adult classes.

Jake Christensen

Daniel Clanton

Daniel has spent most of his life behind the scenes working in television and theatre. In 2018, he found himself in a workshop at Whole World and fell in love. He signed up for classes and later joined the main stage cast in 2021.

Paige Crawford

Paige Crawford was raised in Decatur, GA. She started her improv journey in High School where she studied under Jennifer Foster, a former Whole World member. Paige graduated from the Improv Studies Program in January 2018.

Lee Cuthbert

Lee Cuthbert studied acting at several of the world’s leading institutions for the dramatic arts. Admired for her eight octave voice and inspired mastery of dialects, Lee found a permanent home for her prodigious talents at Whole World in 2016.

Jerald "Scoop" Dawson

Scoop is a Jackson, Mississippi native who started taking adult classes in 2018 after attending an improv workshop. Fast forward to Summer 2020, he was promoted to Main Stage. Scoop believes “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Camilo Duarte

Born of Colombian parents, Camilo started Improv in 2013 with his college troupe, Heywire. After graduation, he continued his improv journey in the Midwest before moving to Atlanta and joining Whole World in May of 2021.

Allison Louis

Alli hails from NY. As a coder and math professor, Alli never thought she’d enjoy improv as much as she did when she started classes in 2019. Now, she loves showing anyone and everyone how fun and useful improvising can be, no matter who they are.

Mario (Madio) Mendez

Mario (pronounced Madio) Mendez is from Salt Lake City by the way of Las Vegas. He is an award-winning television producer, accomplished cat trainer, and can fold a fitted sheet. Renaissance man is a good way to describe him.

John Mihalik

John began at WW in 2012 thinking it would help a fledgling stand-up career. Once exposed to Improv, he’s been an actor ever since. John began the Whole World Improv Theatre Podcast with Chip Powell in 2021 and joined the Main Stage Cast in 2022.

Michael Pettinati

Chip Powell

Chip started his training at the age of eight in Savannah Georgia at the Little Theatre Company. He has studied with the Armstrong Masquers and toured with Robinhood Players and Small Change Original Theatre Company.

Sharon Powell

Sharon Powell is an ex-Floridian, Actor, Writer and Director. Sharon also creates shorts with Kick the Ladder, an Atlanta-based film group. She loves playing tourist in the ATL with her fam and rescue pup, Rocket.

Emily Reily Russell

Emily Russell is a native Atlantan, Actress, Director, Producer and radical mother that radiates awesomeness. She has won lots of awards for her awesomeness including the funniest person in her house and best table manners.

Danny Traynor

Danny Traynor is an improviser, voiceover artist, corporate salaryman, and bon vivant who joined Whole World in 2019. An instructor and main stage performer since 2023, Danny aims to ignite the spark of creativity in classes and audiences alike.

Cameron Underwood

Forged in the fires of Hell (Central Florida), Cameron has always been a theatre kid at heart. He lives dangerously by using Q-tips improperly and eating raw cookie dough. His only fear... a razor.

Tanya Wagner

Tanya Wagner has been at Whole World since January of 2011, when on a double-dog dare she signed up for and improv class. A native of Tuscombia, Alabama, when she is not at Whole World you can find her with her 2 favorite people-her husband and kids.


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David Webster

David Webster, Whole World Theatre founder, creator, and original artistic director (1993-2004), trained with several improv comedy troupes in Chicago including The Second City. In 1992, Webster left Chicago to live in a tent on the island of Kauai for six months where he designed the original vision for Whole World. In 1993, Webster moved to Atlanta. He began teaching his style of emotional, experiential, and often times long form improv.

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After several months of training, Webster named the group Whole World Theatre, and booked the troupe for their first performances at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia. In December 1994, Webster wrote two plays, “Pimps, Queens, and Dope Fiends” and “Bloodclot Bingo,” He directed and emceed two nights per week of improv and produced a dinner theater of “Crimes of the Heart” on Saturdays. By 1995, Webster secured Whole World’s present location at 1216 Spring St. For seven years, he continued to write, direct, teach and emcee the shows. By 1999, Whole World was making comedy for television. Webster sold the show to Turner South. Webster was fortunate enough to write and direct a 35 mm piece for TBS which won two Regional Emmy Awards. Eventually, the show was sold to Castle Rock Entertainment. In 2002, Webster started a new troupe back on the island of Kauai. In 2004, he and Jennifer Horne moved to Virginia where she runs a comedy troupe and Webster makes independent films.

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  • Jenny Andrews Anderson
  • Sarah Baker
  • Lauren McGowan Barash
  • Jennifer Barron
  • Grant Bojarski
  • Adam Booher
  • Kris Bush
  • Phil Cater
  • Karen Ceesay
  • Brian Chapman
  • Chris Clabo
  • Kalen Conover
  • Drew Dotson
  • Thomas Elliott
  • Dan Englander
  • Chad Fishburne
  • Scott Gerard
  • Jamarie Gilmartin
  • Carlos Giron
  • Eric Goins
  • Lauren Revard Goins
  • Damian Haas
  • Justin Hall
  • Christopher Hampton
  • Tiffany Hankins
  • TJ Hassan
  • Chris Cap Hayes
  • Joe Herbert
  • Christi Hildebrandt
  • Blair Holden
  • Jennifer Horne
  • Annie Humphrey
  • Travis Irions
  • Jim Issa
  • Andy Jones
  • Wes Kennemore
  • Elizabeth King
  • Kristen King
  • Mark Korbieh
  • Lance Krall
  • Laura Krueger
  • Julie McDonald
  • David Owen
  • Don Patton
  • Rob Poynter
  • Gil Rogers
  • Joshua Rosenthal
  • Ethan Smith
  • Michael Snow
  • Bryan Snyder
  • R.T. Steckel
  • Michael Sweeney
  • Emily Teachout
  • Monish Tyagi
  • Anna Vocino
  • Loren Tarquinio
  • Donovan Young
  • Simon Yin