SPOTLIGHT ON… Jenny Andrews Anderson

Our girl Jenny is back on stage where she belongs—we think! We caught up with her and shined one of our new fancy spotlights on her. We asked about her work, her skin, her hobbies… here’s what she had to say:

Tell the good people how and when you became affiliated with Whole World.
I am one of the founding members of Whole World Theatre. So yeah, I’ve been here since 1994—day 1, basically. I was introduced to David Webster, the original artistic director, through a mutual friend who thought I “should do improv”. I had no idea what improv was at the time—I was a “serious actress”—but I was intrigued. So we spoke over the phone and I was invited to come down to “jam”. The rest is history.

How long have you been away from the WWIT stage?
I left right around 2000. Got married. Focused on acting outside of improv. Did some film and television. Moved to LA for a minute. Hated it. Moved back. Got pregs. Had a kid. Fostered some cats. Shit like that.

Wow, it’s been a while… What made you want to come back now?
I suppose I just missed it. I missed the wigs. And the jumpsuits.

What’s the favorite life skill you’ve learned from improv?
Recognizing that I really am fearless on stage and how that carries over into almost every big decision I have ever made.

You are a pretty prolific artist and has garnered some acclaim for your work. When did you start painting?
I started painting about 6 years ago.

One of your pieces has been featured in a store window in the Big Apple… How did that come about?
I write a design blog called My Favorite and My Best, and one of my readers is a man named Rob Broadbent who is the senior director of Store Planning and Visuals at Tommy Hilfiger. He saw my work and asked me to create a painting for their New York City store. I have since then painted pieces for their stores in Miami, Sao Paolo, Paris, Stockholm, and probably a few others I am forgetting. Rob has since become a good friend. It’s really been one of the biggest and best things to ever happen to me.

How do you keep your skin so dewy? And how many times a week do you get asked that?
Hahahaha! I am really good with makeup. It’s just good moisturizer and foundation and a spritz of caudalie beauty elixir. I also drink more water than you could imagine and workout every day for an hour in a room heated to about 86 degrees. I sweat, profusely. This has to have something to do with it, I think. And yes, I do get asked that a lot. Probably twice a week.

What do you enjoy when you’re not painting or improving? Improv-ing, not improving.
I love planning gardens. Whether that’s a vegetable garden or a flower garden or just roses on an arbor. Notice I said planning……I am terrible at maintenance and everything usually dies.

I also love to cook and am pretty decent at it. I am a terrible gardener.

Any funny story from the old days that all the people would enjoy?
“Shit Foot.” One of the actors stepped in dog poo and did the entire show with it stuck to the bottom of his shoe…


Catch Jenny on the Whole World stage soon, and check out her skin. It’s to die for, y’all. And her comedy skillz are, too!