Captain’s Valentine’s Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, it is February. You know what that means… Awwww, yeah. Love is in the air.

It reminds me of a little story, a little ditty about Jeremy and Tracy.

The scene opens on a party. It’s a classic Hollywood meet cute (except for the Hollywood part). Our charming young ingénues arrive for a night of fun, wholly unaware that this night, this party, will change their lives forever. In a crowded room they find each other and then…

We find ourselves – and our young lovers – where else? Whole World! They don’t call us the best place for a date for nothing. (Look it up!) The night’s emcee, your humble Captain, mentions from the stage that Improv Classes are in session soon.

“I’d like to do that,” says Jeremy.

A light bulb goes off. Tracy has a great idea. The next day, as a gift, Tracy calls up Whole World and enrolls Jeremy in his first Improv Classes.

Time passes. We see Jeremy performing in his second graduation show, Tracy in the audience cheering for him. Jeremy has proven himself to be quite the budding young Improviser, and he’s offered a spot as one of Whole World’s Unusual Suspects.

More time passes. A montage of improv, and a montage of romance. And then…

Jeremy approaches me. He’d like to perform in a weekend show. He’s a man with a plan, and he needs your Captain’s help to bring it to fruition. And I love it when a plan comes together.

Saturday arrives. Jeremy is cast in the show. He devises a perfect strategy to get Tracy, his biggest fan, up on stage. And then, this happens:

engage heart

And then I got one of the best emcee gigs ever.


Whole World makes love happen, y’all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Come romance the pants off your sweetie this weekend. VIP packages are just $95 for our Friday 9PM and Saturday 8PM shows, complete with first class seats, a bottle of wine, and other goodies. We promise you don’t have to get engaged…)