CAPTAIN’S (B)LOG: You are now crossing over into…

As a child, the sound of Rod Serling’s voice reached deep into my soul and invoked a feeling of eerie terror. My sister use to love to make me watch the episodes with her in the dark just to scare me. One time, she crawled behind the sofa and waited until a scary part of the show before she grabbed my leg. I screamed like a little girl. Now forty-one years after Rod’s death, his voice still rings through the internet and the full series release on Netfilx. With that in mind, the team at Whole World Theatre decided to honor his hard work by taking episodes and putting our comedic spin on them.


Why the Improv Zone? Back during our New Years Eve show, main cast member Grant Bojarski had the idea to run the show as a Twilight Zone episode. It went over so well that we started brainstorming ideas and working episodes in jam sessions. Each main cast member took a stab at it and, before you knew it, we had nine episodes ready to go. We are currently working on three more.10303875_10153676816985590_7386055738706897960_n


Starting June 4th, 2016, we kick off with a show based off the episode “Living Doll.” A happy couple has just received the one thing they want most in the world: a child. A child has received the one thing she wants most in the world: a doll that will do anything to make her happy…including murder.


As the summer progresses, you will get to see some of your favorite Twilight Zone episodes come to life on the Whole World Improv Stage. Who can forget “The Hitchhiker,” “The Good Life,” “To Serve Man,” and William Shatner in “Terror at 20,000 Feet”?


We can’t wait to launch them, so go to the website and check them all out. Saturdays at 10:30 Whole World will be in… The Improv Zone!