Main Stage Performers

  • Grant Headshot 
    Grant Bojarski
  • Drew 
    Drew Dotson
  • Carlos-1 
    Carlos Giron
  • ChrisHayes 
    Chris Cap Hayes
  • Chip Powell 
    Chip Powell
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    Drew Quillian
  • Emily 2 
    Emily Reily Russell
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    Tanya Wagner


David Webster

David Webster, Whole World Theatre founder, creator, and original artistic director (1993-2004), trained with several improv comedy troupes in Chicago including The Second City.  In 1992, Webster left Chicago to live in a tent on the  island of Kauai for six months where he designed the original vision for Whole World.   In 1993, Webster moved to Atlanta.  He began teaching his style of emotional, experiential, and often times long form improv.   After several months of training, Webster named the group Whole World Theatre, and booked the troupe for their first performances at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia.   In December 1994, Webster  wrote two plays, “Pimps, Queens, and Dope Fiends” and “Bloodclot Bingo,” He directed and emceed two nights per week of improv and produced a dinner theater of “Crimes of the Heart” on Saturdays.   By 1995, Webster secured Whole World’s present location at 1216 Spring St.  For seven years, he continued to write, direct, teach and emcee the shows.  By 1999, Whole World was making comedy for television.  Webster sold the show to Turner South.   Webster was fortunate enough to write and direct a 35 mm piece for TBS which won two Regional Emmy Awards.  Eventually, the show was sold to Castle Rock Entertainment.  In 2002, Webster started a new troupe back on the island of Kauai.  In 2004, he and Jennifer Horne moved to Virginia where she runs a comedy troupe and Webster makes independent films.

Jenny Andrews

Sarah Baker

Lauren McGowen Barash

Adam Booher

Kris Bush

Phil Cater

Karen Ceesay

Brian Chapman

Chris Clabo

Kalen Conover

Thomas Elliott

Chad Fishburne

Jamarie Gilmartin

Eric Goins

Lauren Revard Goins

Damian Haas

Justin Hall

Tiffany Hankins

TJ Hassan

Joe Herbert

Blair Holden

Jennifer Horne

Annie Humphrey

Travis Irions

Jim Issa

Andy Jones

Wes Kennemore

Kirsten King

Mark Korbieh

Lance Krall

Laura Krueger

Julie McDonald

Don Patton

Rob Poynter

Gil Rogers

Ethan Smith

Michael Snow

Bryan Snyder

R.T. Steckel

Michael Sweeney

Anna Vocino

Loren Tarquinio

Simon Yin