Tanya Wagner, one of our mainstage performers, is a veteran improviser at Whole World. She began as a student January 2011, and by August 2012, was performing in the Thursday, Student & Ladies Night Shows. Her dedication to improv training and by performing regularly for live audiences has led her to become one of our most beloved Main Stage performers. In addition, Tanya is a positive force among our company members and students.  She never misses a special event or a graduation show.  Sh… Read More

Join us for our 3rd annual fundraiser – Full Frontal Support – AT MONDAY NIGHT BREWING November 11. Your ticket includes a souvenir glass, six 6 ounce beer samples, a tour of Monday Night Brewing, a taco bar by Willy’s Mexican Grill, a wine tasting by Chamisal AND once-in-a-lifetime entertainment by Whole World’s Award Winning Cast! Tickets are only $45 in advance and $55 at the door – so be smart and grab yours now.

Purchasing a ticket to this event will help Whole World Theatre continue to … Read More


As a child, the sound of Rod Serling’s voice reached deep into my soul and invoked a feeling of eerie terror. My sister use to love to make me watch the episodes with her in the dark just to scare me. One time, she crawled behind the sofa and waited until a scary part of the show before she grabbed my leg. I screamed like a little girl. Now forty-one years after Rod’s death, his voice still rings through the internet and the full series release on Netfilx. With that in … Read More

Ladies and gentlemen, it is February. You know what that means… Awwww, yeah. Love is in the air.

It reminds me of a little story, a little ditty about Jeremy and Tracy.

The scene opens on a party. It’s a classic Hollywood meet cute (except for the Hollywood part). Our charming young ingénues arrive for a night of fun, wholly unaware that this night, this party, will change their lives forever. In a crowded room they find each other and then…

We find ourselves – and our young lo… Read More

Whole  World’s own, Tanya Wagner sat down with fellow Main Stage Performer, Carlos Giron to learn more about what makes him the rock star he is.  This is her interview:

TANYA: Okay, Carlos, I’m going to start with the basics and see where the road takes us! Tell us about your Whole World journey, when did you start and why did you do it?

CARLOS: Ah, the year was 2009. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian had just been released. Angela Park won the LPGA Championship and Ne… Read More

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FREE PARKING is located at 1219 Williams St. NW Atlanta, GA 30309 after 5PM for Whole World Patrons!

Additionally, there are several paid parking lots off Spring St. The closest is the AAA-owned parking lot ($5) just beyond our building, on the right, before 14th ST. Park in a numbered space and put cash in the corresponding slot on the pay box.